​Trailblazers in Kurdistan's Motorcycle Scene

Pioneered the official import of motorcycles into Kurdistan.

Established the region's first motorcycle club, fostering a close-knit community of riders.

​ Revolutionizing Rider Education:

Built the first-ever motorcycle school in Kurdistan in collaboration with Jarvis Signature School.

Focus on safety and skill development to empower riders.

Fostering Community and Inclusivity

Support local motorcycle and bicycle riders, expanding the community. Promote inclusivity by empowering women through sponsorship and equipment provision.

Safety First

Advocate for riding safety gear and practices to ensure safe riding habits among all enthusiasts.

Promoting Kurdistan as a Biker's Paradise

Showcase Kurdistan's breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage to attract bikers from around the world.

Position Kurdistan as a premier destination for motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Opening the biggest motorcycle showroom in iraq

To facilitate access to all international equipment and brands, we have opened the largest showroom in Iraqi Kurdistan, which contains more than 40 brands, all in one place.

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