Our company has been dedicated to supplying the Iraqi market with high-quality, innovative, and environmentally friendly motorcycles and bicycles. Our success is attributed to a high level of professionalism, a dedicated team, market understanding, ultimate customer satisfaction, and excellent customer service. Recognizing the potential for growth in the traditional Iraqi motorcycle and bicycle industry, we've refreshed our foundation by hiring well-educated and expert employees to provide innovative services and a vast variety of products.

We're proud to announce exclusive dealership agreements with renowned brands like KTM, Benelli, Husqvarna, GasGas, Keeway motorcycles, SYM, CFMOTO, Motorex, Nolan, Xlite, Pirelli, Eni, Alpinestars, Troyleedesign, and Kayo ATVs and accessories. Additionally, we serve as the official distributor for KTM, CUBE, BENELLI, and TRINX in Iraq, offering a comprehensive range of bicycles. Our commitment extends to introducing our own registered bicycle brands, including RAPIDO, FLASH, INTENSE, KENDA, DURO, and KMC CHAIW.

Acknowledging the global growth of micro-mobility, we are embracing the trend, and we plan to sell rental motorcycles as second-hand with a company guarantee program, making high-quality products more accessible.

Furthermore, we are in negotiations to establish a motorcycling club and our own racing track, reflecting our commitment to fostering a community of enthusiasts. The club aims to attract young talents, leisure riders, and individuals interested in motorcycle sports. We aspire to support local and international athletes and are exploring partnerships with celebrities who share an interest in motorcycles to become VIP members of our club.


  • Official Address: Karrada Kharej - opposite of Sama Mall, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Company Registration Number: -02-000011266
  • Company Registration Date: 2019-12-22
  • VAT Registration Number: 901700459



100 meter st - Family mall - first floor

Adress: 1st Floor,family mall (100m) St, Erbil, Iraq.


3S Dealership (Sales, Service and Spare Parts) Within 4 floors plan.

(Approximately 1500 m2) Over 5000 m2 warehouse

 Adress: No 4/2646, Daoudi, Mansour District, Baghdad, Iraq 


The company's mission is to promote healthy and sustainable communities by making riding safe, fun, accessible, develop-ing "riding culture" for both motorcycles and bicycles among the young generation, and through helping the people of Iraq have a stronger and better relationship with the industry and sports of motorcycling and cycling. We fulfill dreams through the experiences of motorcycling and riding, by providing to customers and to the general public an expanding line of branded products and services in selected market segments.
Riding is a mainstream, comfortable and safe choice for people of all cultures, ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Bicycles and motor- cycles are well integrated into the transportation system and are a key part of our thriving communities. Within such mission, we would be hoping for Iraqi athletes to be able to compete at international events in order to honor their country worldwide.


Promote riding culture

Fulfilling dreams through motorcycling

An expanding line of products and services

Selected market segments


The company's vision is to expand its activity in the region, in order to attract industry giants to cooperate with our group. Ajalat-al-Khalij is an action-oriented, regional company, a leader in its commitment to continuously improve our mutual- ly beneficial relationships with stakeholders (customers, sup- pliers, employees, shareholders, government, and society).
Ajalat-al-Khalij believes the key to success is to balance stakeholders' interests through the empowerment of all em- ployees to focus on value-added activities.

  • Attract industry giants
  • Action-oriented business
  • Regional scope
  • Leadership in stakeholder management
  • Employee empowerment
  • Value-added activities